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Result: Found 2 thread(s) about "MINI51"

  • Driver for Mini51, only pdf is available ?

    1 Replies - 1304 Visit

    Dear fellows, I'm looking for driver package for Mini51. I've found only its Reference Guide V1.00.001 (Publication Relase Date: Oct.2011) pdf file. Where can I find it ? Regards,

    2014-02-10 18:58 - kojima - Nuvoton BSP

  • Download failure for Mini51 by CMSIS-DAP

    1 Replies - 3162 Visit

    Dear fellows, I'm trying to establish debugging environment for Mini51 with MDK-ARM (uVision V4.72.10.0) and CMSIS-DAP. uVision debugger is invoked, but my code has NOT been downloaded. Initial R15 ...

    2014-02-10 19:40 - kojima - Keil MDK

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